Material for use in extreme operating conditions

Ultralight carbide composite is a modern, high-strength material having a universal matrix compatible with metals and polymers, allowing you to set and adjust its properties in a wide range

Логототип компании Сверком

This independent project is being created by Vladimir Khakhalkin, PhD in the field of creating new materials. The purpose of this project is to reduce the cost and weight, increase the reliability of components and structures by replacing parts made of traditional materials with parts made of ultralight carbide composite. This new material is called “Sverkom”.

The problem of industry:

  1. The development of high-loaded products is expensive (from $ 2 million).
  2. The development of high-loaded products is long-term (from 2 years).
  3. As a result of the high cost and long service life, the developed technology has one application without the possibility of adapting to other products. Therefore, for each new product, development has to be started every time from the beginning, including points 1 and 2.

The solution:

  1. Saving money on the development of products made of new materials (up to 75%) due to the fact that the manufacturing technology of the product does not depend on the customer’s requirements and consists of only 4 technological operations: granulation, molding, sintering and impregnation. The equipment for this is standard, productive and inexpensive.
  2. Reduction of development time (up to 75%). Because the equipment is unchanged, the composite matrix is unchanged, and there is no need to launch a new full-scale R&D project. Only the material for impregnation changes – that is, there is already 3/4 of all the work for any R&D, only 1/4 needs to be done.
  3. Each new project is based on the experience of the previous one, therefore, at the request of the customer without significant costs (for example, without changing the shape of the product), it is possible to quickly adjust the properties of the product by selecting another material for impregnation.

How is this possible:

The developed composite manufacturing technology, in which solid-phase free sintering of a carbide matrix with the natural formation of through and adjustable porosity is carried out. This made it possible to produce a universal composite matrix suitable for impregnation with a wide class of materials, such as metals, ceramics, resins, plastics, and thus there was a unique opportunity to set the properties of the composite without significantly changing the technology.

Макро изображение структуры сверхлегкого керамического композита
Image of the composite matrix structure
DensityFlexural strengthCompressive strengthHardness
2,3 g/cm3600 MPa2500 MPa20 GPa
The main characteristics of the composite when impregnated with aluminum.


Применение сверхлегкого карбидного композита в авиационной отраслиПрименение сверхлегкого карбидного композита в авиационной отраслиПрименение сверхлегкого карбидного композита в транспортной отраслиПрименение сверхлегкого карбидного композита в энергетической отраслиПрименение сверхлегкого карбидного композита в радиоэлектронной отраслиПрименение сверхлегкого карбидного композита в авиационной отрасли
1. Fuselage parts that do not require elastic deformation;
2. Helicopter tail rotor blades and parts of the skew machine;
3. Landing gear struts.
1. Protective coatings;
2. Detonation engine;
3. Sharp edges of the wings.
1. Suspension and brake system elements;
2. Sleeves of internal combustion engines;
3. Friction nodes;
4. Elements of the structure of the car body and frame elements.
1. Cutting elements of drilling platforms;
2. Catalyst carrier;
3. Filters of molten metals and gases;
4. Bearings used in aggressive environments.
1. Superconducting electronic elements;
2. Parts of the body of cell
phones and portable equipment: covers, buttons, cooling.
1. Bone implants;
2. Pins;
3. Dental crowns.

Project Status:

The project has a fourth level of readiness (TRL 4) according to the project readiness scale: the main technological operations and components have been verified. Composite samples have been made, the technology has been worked out, and a patent application has been filed. Received high values of basic characteristics. Extended testing is required to continue. Carrying out these tests will make it possible to formulate commercial offers for potential Customers and obtain financial contracts for the development of a composite with the required properties. More details in the presentation.

Project experts’ assessments:

For investors:

Required investments: from $300,000

Payback period: 3 years.


Return on invested capital (ROIC) Sverkom

Investor’s share: 25%.


  • Manufactured and tested composite samples.
  • Registration of intellectual property (patent, production know-how).
  • Letters of support from organizations.
  • Own investments of $ 35,000

Collateral options:

  • Know-how of the company “Manufacturing technology of ultralight carbide composite”.
  • Uneven profitability before payback.
  • Management by the investor.
  • The loan agreement is an option.

If you are interested in the project, please contact:

Tel. Vladimir Khakhalkin +7 913 817 15 22

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